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Control multiple domains at a time

From our Domain Manager, you can effortlessly manage many domain names from a single location. You will obtain access to a big array of DNS controls and will also be able modify many domains at the same time.

In addition, in case you also have a cloud hosting account with 1 Free Website, you’ll be able to control both your domains and your sites from a single location.

Multiple Domain Name Control

Domain Locking

Theft–proof your domain names

With 1 Free Website, you’ll be able to easily protect your domain from getting transferred away without your permission by “locking” it at your current registrar. This will not influence the way the domain name works in the slightest, but will immediately stop all domain name transfer requests.

If you need to transfer your domain, you can just unlock it. Locking and unlocking a domain name is really simple and requires just one click.

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