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The 1 Free Website Website Control Panel is among the crucial features of our Linux cloud website hosting services platform. It represents a new and user–friendly approach to managing your sites and everything connected to them. We have prepared all the features that you will need for your daily web site administration necessities.

One of the most important attributes of the 1 Free Website Website Control Panel is that it’s the only Website Control Panel that you will need – you will no longer have to sign in to different places. You can finally administer your domains, your websites and your payment transactions from one place. Scroll down to see what else we have included for you.

Domain Names Manager

Administering multiple domain names simultaneously is very easy

If you have a number of domain names, managing them with ordinary Control Panels can be problematic. The Website Control Panel–integrated Domain Names Manager permits you to administer all your domain names at once.

If you have multiple domain names, you can also allocate different labels to them. In this way, you can quickly filter your domains and find only the ones that you need.

File Manager

Web file management in the cyber era

Web file managers have been in existence for a long time. But they’re inconvenient, sluggish, difficult to use and feature–poor. We have changed that. Our File Manager acts more like a desktop file manager than a traditional web file manager. You can upload files by dragging and dropping them, or move files and folders from one place to another. You can make use of our inbuilt code editors and preview photos. You can archive and unarchive files or folders directly online.

And everything is done with only a mouse click.

Email Manager

E–mail management is very easy with us

When you own a site, you need to also administer all the e–mail accounts associated with it. And whilst creating email messages is really easy, managing the respective e–mail boxes can be tricky. You may need to cope with unsolicited bulk electronic mail messages, to set up e–mail filters, to worry about security issues, etc.

With our Email Manager, you will notice that managing mailboxes is not hard at all. You’ll acquire immediate access to all key features (you can forward email messages, create e–mail filters, enable unsolicited bulk email protection, etc.) and you can administer multiple mailboxes at the same time.

VPN Access

Access the web securely

With our VPN access option, you will be able to safely explore different web sites without leaving any digital footprints that can be traced back to you. We will provide you with all the information that you need to make a connection to one of our VPN servers located all over the world.

You can acquire VPN access on any device, be that your home computer, cell phone, netbook, etc. There is no limit as to the number of connected devices and no need to validate each new device.


Get a security firewall for your web apps

In the 1 Free Website Website Control Panel we have integrated the ModSecurity Apache module. It is a small module that does a great job – it serves as a firewall for your web applications, protecting them against hacker assaults, cross–site scripting injections and URL forgery attacks. We’ve already specified the rules for the firewall software, so you do not need to configure it before it starts working.

And ModSecurity is enabled automatically for all your sites – as soon as they go online, they will be immediately protected. If you wish, you can manually disable ModSecurity for any of your sites.

Web Stats Manager

Real–time information about your site visitors in your Website Control Panel

Knowing how people interact with their web site is vital for any web site owner. With the Web Stats Manager in the Website Control Panel, you’ll get live stats about all the things that your visitors do on your website from the very moment it is brought online, with zero configuration needed on your end.

At any time, you can find out precisely how many people have dropped in on your website and the average time they’ve spent on it. You can also view unique and return visits, page views, most–visited pages, most popular keyphrases, entrance and exit pages, and much more.

Dropbox backups

Back up your websites remotely with Dropbox

Since Dropbox was introduced, it has accumulated millions of active end users. With the Website Control Panel, you can set up automatic backups of your website using your Dropbox account as a remote backup space.

In this way, you can be sure that, no matter what happens with our servers, you can always have the most recent backup of your website and your databases at your disposal.

Database Manager

Create and back up your databases with a mouse click

Databases are a fundamental element of every web app – it’s where all the info is stashed. With our Database Manager, you’ll have an easy–to–use tool at your disposal, which will allow you to manage both your MySQL and PostgreSQL databases with simply a few mouse clicks.

We’ve simplified the database setup procedure, so you can now set up a brand–new database in a few seconds. We also offer a one–click database backup option. And if you install a new web application, we can automatically create the database on your behalf.

Website Instruments

We include a GeoIP redirection tool, a Sitemap Generation tool, an RSS News tool along with other Website Instruments, to enable you to market your sites more effectively.

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  • Utilizing the Website Control Panel, you’re able to create your own web site within seconds. Simply pick a layout for your site and after that designate the place you want it to be set up. That’s it. Your new internet site will be online with a click.

Free Of Charge Web Site Generation Tool

1 Free Website’s online Free Of Charge Web Site Generation Tool will let you kickstart your Internet profile right now with straightforward point’n’click movements. No scripting expertise will be required from you. More than one hundred web templates to choose from.

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